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CZ Anniversary Rings/Bands

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Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]  Displaying 1 to 21 (of 24 products)

All of our cz anniversary bands and rings are available for your choice in white or yellow 14K Gold, 18K Gold or precious 950 pure platinum.  All pricing is under product options, there is no extra charge for your choice of white or yellow 14K gold.  18K gold and platinum have an extra charge that will be added on to our 14K price.  We do custom rings as well; call us for pricing at 213-291-0503 .

Why Buy A CZ Anniversary Band


Well for starters, a real diamond anniversary band will cost way too much money and in today’s economy, that is a pretty scary thing.  Anniversary bands are supposed to symbolize the love that two people have had over the years of their marriage, not break the bank.  Sure… it is nice to have a real diamond ring but our cz anniversary bands look just like real diamonds, why pay more for something when you can have one that looks just like it for a fraction of the cost.



How To Care For And Clean Your Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Band


Even though you are saving so much money by buying a cubic zirconia anniversary band, you still want to take care of it so it will last forever.  You can use jewelry cleaner once every 3 or 4 months.  You can also put your cubic zirconia anniversary band in a cup filled with luke warm water and a few drops of dishwashing soap.  Let it soak for a couple of hours and lightly brush it with a toothbrush.  Your anniversary band will look brand new again.


Try to take off your anniversary band when you wash your hands, do the dishes and take a shower.  The residue from soaps and shampoos can leave a film on your cubic zirconia.  Following these tips can keep your anniversary band looking beautiful, just the way it should!



Lifetime Warranty On Our CZ Anniversary Bands


The best thing about buying from Zirconique.com is that you have a lifetime warranty on your anniversary band and all of our jewelry.  We promise that our cubic zirconia (CZ) will not break or lose its shine forever or we will replace it absolutely free. Our quality, craftsmanship, customer service and heaviness of our anniversary bands and all of our jewelry keep our customers coming back.  If there is a better cz or cubic zirconia out there, we haven’t found it yet!

"A Simple Explanation Of CZ Anniversary Rings & Their Value"


Imagine this: your anniversary is coming up and you are looking for the perfect anniversary ring for your significant other. On a table in front of you are two boxes.  In the first box, a beautiful diamond ring dazzles you as the light shines off of it.  The price tag on the box is over $2,000!


You look at the second box... which interestingly enough holds the exact same ring!  The light glitters off the ring, and the perfect cut radiates class and glamour.  Interestingly enough, the price for this ring is less than $500!


What's the difference, you might ask?  The second box holds a cz anniversary ring.  While identical in cut, style, setting, and beauty... the price is fractional to that of the diamond ring.


CZ anniversary rings look exactly like diamond rings, last just as long, and the average person can't tell the two apart. You can choose from white or yellow 14K Gold, 18K Gold or the amazing 950 pure platinum. You can also choose custom cz anniversary rings, as well!


You don't have to devastate your own bank account to express your love for the person who has been there for you all these years!



CZ Anniversary Bands Are A Beautiful Expression Of Love


Ah, anniversaries... the time for a couple to celebrate their love for each other, their relationship, and the years they've spent together.  One of the most popular gifts for a woman's anniversary gift is a band, called an "anniversary band".


While an anniversary ring can be any ring, typically it is a band with a series of diamonds either across the top of the band, or sometimes all the way around the band.  As you can imagine, that many diamonds can be expensive to purchase!  That's one reason that cz anniversary bands have become so popular.


With cubic zirconia having the exact same appearance to the naked eye that diamonds do, more and more couples are purchasing cz anniversary bands in celebration of their special day.  They get the same beautiful appearance and style - all the glamour of diamonds, but spending only a fraction of the price.


In today's economy, especially, couples are looking for more economical ways to celebrate, and what better choice than a cubic zirconia ring?  Then, while they are still saving money, they aren't sacrificing beauty and class.