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Guarantee & Warranty


All stones have a LIFETIME warranty against breaking or chipping under normal wear.  We also guarantee that your stone will keep its original brilliance and shine under normal wear.  Should your CZ not maintain this, Zirconique will replace the CZ stone with the exact size and shape that you had, (setting the stone and polishing the ring will have a charge.)  You must provide your original receipt for this guarantee to apply which includes your order number and product number on it.  WE DO NOT warranty any of our loose stones.  
All craftsmanship defects are warranted for LIFE against any defects on the structure of the jewelry.  Again, you must provide your original receipt with the product number and order number on it.  We do not warranty the product if you have made alterations to it or had work performed on it by another jeweler.  If an item shows signs of damage or misuse, it will NOT be covered under our warranty.  If such misuse, damage or accident is displayed, repairs will be made and charges will apply.  
Our lifetime warranty applies to all costs of material and labor only, it does not cover any shipping and processing fees.  If your jewelry is covered under our lifetime warranty (that is if it doesn't show signs of abuse or wear), you still have a fee to cover shipping and processing fees.  The costs could be higher if your not covered under our warranty.  These processing fees include shipping charges, cleaning, high polish rhodium and a full jewelry inspection.
Fees are as follows: $39 for all 14K gold jewelry, $59 for all 18K gold jewelry and $99 for all platinum jewelry.



At Zirconique we are committed to full customer satisfaction!


Please Pay Attention To This:


• While some of our competitors will send you something completely different than what you see on their websites, We will give you exactly what we promise!


• Some of our competitors will show you “DIAMOND PHOTOS” instead of the actual Cubic Zirconia you are buying, so when you get the product, it won’t look like the picture you saw on their websites.


• Some of our competitors will FRAUD you by sending 9K or 10K gold when indeed you bought 14K gold.


• Some of our competitors WON’T answer their phones or emails when you want to return the product.


• Some of our competitors say in their policy that THEY WILL SHIP within a certain time frame but will actually ship the product in a month or two because they want gold prices to come down so they can profit more.


Our Code of Ethics:


• We show you ACTUAL pictures of exactly what you will be receiving. Our Jewelry looks even better than the picture that you see on our website.


• We will send you EXACTLY what you order. If you order 18K gold, we will send you 18K gold NOT 9K or 10K, if you order 14K gold... 14K gold is what you will get, if you order platinum, we will send you platinum!


• And you can rest assured that we will answer our phones and emails if you ever need to get in touch with us, in that unlikely and rare case... if you are not happy with your purchase, we will give you an RMA number to return it.


• We stand by our policies. We won’t wait for gold prices to drop to fulfill your order. We will start on it right away.


• Our warranties are for REAL! Some of our competitors won’t live up to their warranties because they have some sort of wording in their policies that allows them to. Always read the fine print and watch the way the warranties are worded.


Our Jewelry


• Our Jewelry is the best QUALITY that you will find on the internet or anywhere else. We can guarantee that 100%. Even the gifts that are offered by us are QUALITY products. Most online jewelry companies send gifts that are worth a couple of dollars.


• We have the best prices on the internet. Most of our competitors will sell our products for three times the amount. Why should you pay more when you don’t have to? If you want to pay $2000 for a ring, you will buy a diamond, not a cubic zirconia.


• Our Jewelry will last forever because it is REAL GOLD!


• We are an HONEST and DEPENDABLE company 100% ! Our Jewelry is of the finest QUALITY and of the BEST PRICES!!! We can’t be beat by any of our competitors and we pride ourselves for that!  We are so confident about our jewelry that we extend the following warranty to all of our customers.