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High end cubic zirconia jewelry in 14k gold, 18k gold & pure platinum with a variety of realistic cz engagement rings
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Fine Cubic Zirconia Jewelry at its best!   Zirconique.......is an online jewelry store that specializes in the BEST quality cz cubic zirconia jewelry in solid 14K gold, 18K gold and platinum.  Your options for these three types of metal are on the product pages.  Our selection in cz cubic zirconia jewelry ranges from cz cubic zirconia rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, engagement and wedding sets. 


We also offer fine cz cubic zirconia wedding bands, cz cubic zirconia pendants, cz necklaces, cz earrings, cz bracelets and loose cz cubic zirconia stones.  All items on our website can also be set in different color stones up to 2 carats absolutely free.  Our cz cubic zirconia jewelry is made of diamond quality!   Just imagine the brilliance and shine your new cz jewelry is going to have from Zirconique.com.


Not even jewelers can tell the difference between our cz cubic zirconia and real diamonds. Once you buy our cz jewelry, you will never buy anywhere else again.  We offer a lifetime warranty on our products and stones. Our fine cz cubic zirconia jewelry will dazzle you!   





 Why You Should Buy Cubic Zirconia

Why pay for a diamond when our cz cubic zirconia looks just like one!  We use the finest top quality cz cubic zirconia stones.  There is a secret about cubic zirconia jewelry, it should be set on gold or platinum to look its finest.  Check out our cubic zirconia jewelry page and find out more about cubic zirconia jewelry in gold and platinum! We also offer the finest cz platinum jewelry.

We have the largest selection of fine cubic zirconia jewelry on the web, cubic zirconia fine jewelry. Top diamond quality cubic zirconia lab created stones with incredible brilliance that enhances the jewelry.  Our cubic zirconia stones will last forever. 

Fine craftsmanship, master jewelry designers with over 25 years jewelry experience, exquisite cubic zirconia lab created stones, brilliance and luster, cubic zirconia jewelry in gold & platinum that will last a lifetime, you will only find at Zirconique.com!

How To Find The Right CZ Jewelry Store


The trend in purchasing fine cubic zirconia jewelry in gold & platinum is rising, now that more and more women are becoming aware of the benefits of buying cubic zirconia rings and jewelry.  After all, cz is priced at a fraction of what diamonds are priced at, and the cz jewelry on the market today is just as beautiful as what you would find in any diamond store.


But how are you supposed to find a great store for cz jewelry?  After all, stores that specialize in selling cubic zirconia are not on every street corner.


Your best bet is to look online.  Our store carries a fantastic selection of beautiful cz jewelry.  You can pretty much find any cut, setting, or style you want on our website!


You also want to make sure that the store you buy from uses high quality metals such as gold and platinum in their rings & earrings.  Cubic zirconia is an extremely durable stone, but that doesn’t help if the metal it’s set on won’t last long.


Lastly, you want to make sure that the online store offers a guarantee of some sort.  When you’re looking at pictures on the internet, it’s hard to be 100% sure that you’ll love the cz jewelry… so you need to know that they have a return policy that you can live with.


The choices on our website are endless for quality, beautiful cz jewelry – you just have to start looking!


How To Clean Your Cubic Zirconia Jewelry


Cleaning your cubic zirconia jewelry in gold & platinum will make your jewelry sparkle with brilliance and last forever.  You can use regular jewelry cleaner once every three months or you can use a home technique to keep the sparkle. 

Simply fill a cup with luke warm water and add a dash of dishwashing liquid to it.  Put your jewelry in this mixture for a few hours.  Take your jewelry out and scrub it gently with a toothbrush.  Watch the way your cubic zirconia will shine and sparkle and last a lifetime.

How To Take Care Of Your Cubic Zirconia Jewelry



Many people don’t know that they have to take special care of their cubic zirconia jewelry in gold & platinum if it has cubic zirconia set as a stone.  A cubic zirconia stone can get dirty real fast and can actually break if hit against a hard surface.  Here are a few tips on how to keep your cubic zirconia jewelry clean and safe so it will look beautiful forever.


One should always try to take off their jewelry when washing their hands and dishes, using harsh chemicals or taking a shower.  The residue from soaps, shampoos and chemicals can leave a film on your cubic zirconia which in return will lose its shine.  This residue also gets into the gold where the cubic zirconia stone is set and the whole piece of jewelry will look dull in the end.  It can always be polished out but every time your jewelry is polished, it also polishes away your gold and in time your ring will be lighter in weight.


Try not to hit your jewelry against a hard surface.  You will either break the stone or break a prong, which will loosen the stone, causing it to fall out.  Be gentle with your jewelry, especially if you have a center stone that sits high in the setting.


Following these tips will keep your cubic zirconia jewelry looking brilliant and beautiful, just the way it should be. 



Why CZ Jewelry Has Become So Popular


In recent years, cubic zirconia jewelry in gold & platinum has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds, mostly because the cost of cz compared to real diamonds is so minimal.  That isn't the only factor, however; cz jewelry has grown in both selection, beauty, and popularity, making it easier to find gorgeous necklaces, rings, and bracelets made with cubic zirconia.


And the best part?  To the naked eye, cz looks just like diamonds!  Only jewelers can tell the difference, using special equipment.  There are minute differences in the weight and in the color reflections, but most people don't notice these.


So where can you go to shop for cubic zirconia jewelry?  Your best bet is to look for a reputable company who specializes in CZ jewelry online.  These companies will offer the most selection as well as the highest quality metals.  See, it's important to shop for a piece of jewelry that's well crafted in every way... cheap metal that houses a beautiful CZ stone will quickly tarnish and chip.


Overall, cubic zirconia is a fantastic option to save some money while still presenting a dazzling piece of jewelry.




#1 in CZ Platinum and Gold Jewelry!  The finest in Cubic Zirconia Jewelry!


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